If you're a WordPress DIY-er, then you're totally in the right place.

And if you're anything like me, you're building an online business for one reason. Whether you want more money, to work from anywhere or set your own schedule, you spent your time and energy building your own website with WordPress because you want freedom.

And now you're blogging, building your mailing list and obsessively checking your email for that one from MailChimp that tells you that you have a new subscriber? Oh wait, is that just me?

But you didn’t spend all this time and energy building a website just to write blog posts and watch your email list grow, did you?

You did it to make more money, quit your day job, or have more freedom with your family, amiright?!

There’s no shame in that game. So whether your product is your time, an online course, a membership site or digital or physical goods, it’s time to start marketing and selling.

But how? Because the only thing you know for sure is that you don’t know what you don’t know!!

Have you ever found any of these thoughts racing through your mind?

  • I want to earn passive income from an online course... but I have no idea which tool to use, how much to spend or how delivering the content works.
  • How do I collect  payment and schedule coaching clients without a million emails back and forth?
  • How do I sell my e-book, my jewelry, my custom dog sweaters online (hey - someone out there is selling custom dog sweaters!!!)
  • Omigosh, and then once I figure out all that - how do I even get customers? Not the kind that make me want to screen their phone calls, but ones that I actually like working with? How do they find me? How do I market to them?
  • And speaking of marketing, I’m gonna need lots of graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest... I don’t want to pay someone every time I need a new graphic - that’s crazy! Plus I saw this really pretty font I want to use but it’s not in Canva… and I just want to know how make one of those gorgeous #girlboss desk scenes I see all over the interwebs!!
  • OMG and what if I get hacked?? I keep hearing about people getting locked out of their sites and losing everything… That would totally suck if that happened to me…
  • Ugh, I wish I could afford to just hire someone to take care of all of this for me...

And then you get totally overwhelmed, start to doubt yourself and wonder if you’ll ever be able to get this business off the ground. 

You doubt that you’ll never be able to quit your day job so that you can pick the kids up from school every day. Or you start to give up your dreams of being able to travel because you’ll never be able to leave that well-paying, soul-crushing job.

Sound familiar?

What if you could have someone working for you 24/7?

Someone dedicated to finding you new clients, getting them on your mailing list, selling to them based on their behavior, collecting the money and delivering the product?

What would that be worth to you?

You know that website you just built for a couple hundred bucks in the Free 5 Day Website Challenge? It has the potential to do all of those things for you.

Yep, your WordPress site combined with a few other awesome tools can handle all of that stuff for you. It’s going to become your Employee of the Month.

And just the like in the 5 Day Website Challenge, I’ll take you by the hand and show you the best tools, techniques and strategies are for where you are in your online business journey to generate income and reach your dream of financial independence.

When you join the BFF Academy you’ll learn exactly how to spend less time working on your website, and make your website spend more time working for you.

You’ll discover time and sanity-saving techniques that allow you to spend more time working with clients and creating new content and less time scouring the internet trying to find your next client.

If you think you don’t have the skillset you need to set up the tech to support your business, take a look at what my BFF Kris has to say:

“Before joining the BFF Academy, I thought setting up my online business  would be really difficult. My brother-in-law said I could build my own website, and I told him he was crazy. I searched for a while, found your site, and never looked back! I'm REALLY happy with how my website turned out, and following your guidance and suggestions, I'm continuing to fine-tune it. The courses in the BFF Academy have been genius! I go back to them over and over. I wouldn't have been able to do nearly as much, nearly as quickly, without the Canva and MailChimp tutorials.” Kris DeFoer

If you think you don’t have the patience to put the tech systems in places that will take your business to the next level, take a look at what my BFF Lindsay has to say:

“You are an amazing teacher and everything is broken down into nice bite size chunks. The tech stuff can be incredibly frustrating so the step by step is so necessary. I feel supported & relieved. Knowing what I’m doing is totally empowering and being able to contact you has probably been one of the strongest parts of your program. The videos plus ongoing support make it a no brainer for anyone. The Facebook ads course is great. Google analytics was very helpful too.” Lindsay Weisenthal - Soul Rising

And if you think you don’t have the time or the money to do it yourself, check out what my BFF Sarah has to say:

OMG, I spent SOOOOO much money trying to have others do it for me and then I spent SOOOO much time frustrated because then I couldn't do anything with it.  I felt really trapped because any updates required more scheduling/communication and money.  When I tried to "do it myself," on a Weebly site and then through my Coaches Console program it was OK, but I did not like the outcome.  It looked cheap and unprofessional...  which made me FEEL that way.  So, to pointedly answer your question, it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to set my business up online in a way that felt good.  


After taking the courses in the BFF Academy, I felt empowered, professional, proud, giddy and sooooooooo relieved!!!!" Sarah Richardson,

The BFF Academy is a series of 7 courses delivered weekly via email that guide you step by step through setting up all the tools you need to automate your sales and marketing with WordPress.

Here’s what’s included:

Week 1: Protecting Your Website - First things first, we’re going to make sure that everything you’ve worked so hard to build is protected from malware and hackers.

Week 2: Canva Master Class - Learn how to store your brand and add custom fonts, colors and brand images to Canva so that you can quickly create branded images for your website, email marketing and social media campaigns.

Week 3: MailChimp Master Class - MailChimp is so much more than a way to deliver a freebie – it’s the tool that allows you to build relationships, earn the trust of your subscribers and turn them into customers. It gives you insight into who your audience is, and which subscribers are likely to buy from you and lets you automate tedious tasks that ultimately result in sales! Master MailChimp and you’ll free up a ton of your time!

Week 4: Google Analytics Master Class - What if you knew exactly what people were looking at on your site. Exactly what search terms people used to find you? If you knew exactly what types of content resonated with your audience, how much more confident would you be about what to include in your next online course? Google Analytics is your personal private investigator and the information it contains is what’s going to take your biz to the next level.

Week 5: How to Sell Your Stuff Online - Now that we’ve built the foundation, it’s time to start selling. Depending on your business and what you are selling, you need a different set of tools to accept payments on your website. In How To Sell Your Stuff Online I’ll show you how to sell physical and/or digital products and your time - and automate all of it!

Week 6: Online Courses & Membership Sites - Online courses are a great way to create passive income. If you have zero clue how to create AND market an online course or membership site, if you’re super confused about which platforms or plugins to use and you don’t want to spend tons of money on a super expensive plugin, this is the course for you!

Week 7: Facebook Ads - In this course you'll learn how to find the perfect audience for your ads, how to create ads that meet Facebook's strict rules, and how to use everything you already know about your audience to make sure you don't waste money on them. This is the final piece of the automation puzzle, and it’s so powerful!

Plus, the BFF Academy includes the 5 Day Website Challenge Upgrade bonus tutorials and worksheets!

“I couldn't have launched Budgets & Big Things as quickly as I did without your tutorials, Shannon! The BFF Academy was my go-to resource while building this bad boy because you covered all of the most critical items for what I needed to design. Thank you for saving me all the time of trial and error!” Michele Bobrow, The Holistic Wallet

When you purchase the BFF Academy, you'll instantly get a welcome email containing login information and instructions on how to access the courses.

And even though I'll guide you through them in a specific order via weekly emails, you can access any course any time in case you need to learn something like MailChimp or Canva on the fly.

The value of these courses is $2900.
The BFF Academy is just $199.

Crazy, right?? My business coach sure thinks so 🙂 So get in before the price goes up!

You’ll have so much more than just a website with what you’ll learn the BFF Academy. You’ll become unstoppable. Just ask my BFF April:

“It felt almost impossible to set up my online business before BFF Academy. I feel much more empowered from the courses I've taken, even though I've had to go back & watch more than once. I'm pretty happy with what I've learned so far and, I'm LOVING the How to Create Online Courses & Membership Sites course. Still working through it, but I'm learning a lot. “ April Harris Swales


14 Day Money-back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you're not happy for any reason, simply let me know via email and I'll be glad to refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How is the content delivered?

You'll get a Welcome email with login information when you join. You'll also get access to all the courses right away, but I'll be sending you a weekly email to guide you through the courses because they build on each other.

I can't log in!

Try resetting your password and if that doesn't work, email me at and we'll take care of you!

How do I get help?

You can ask your BFF Academy questions in the Facebook group - use #bffacademy in your question so I know to answer you first. And you can email me any time at

Is there a tutorial on ________?

If there's a tutorial you'd like to see added to the Academy, let me know! If there's enough interest you might just see it in the next update of the Academy!